Maid Service (Audio Sex Adventure)

This next game is brief and as writer also sets it an experimental game. Therefore, if you consistently reday to try something new or you always wanted to have a promiscuous maid that woll be cleaning your own meatpipe more often than your mansion then you should attempt it! And one more important thing - that this game needs your audio device to be revved on. You get home after hard working day where your maid is waiting for you. What will happen? Listen for what your maid have to say and pick one of the available response choices which can lead the story in one or the other way. Overal you can unlock three distinct endings for this day and love several really sexy artworks yet still the most important attraction contained in the audio portion of the game. Also observe that unlocking all three endings will not reveal any secrets or additional choices.

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Horny Cheerleader

Always desired to stay alone with busty cheerleader captain in the locker area? Well, in this game this is precisely what's going to happen! Now whenever you are lonely all you want to do is always to satiate this towheaded chick in the perfect way. Don't worry - she will state if you'll do something wrong or too early - this usually means you need to try another among active things (there'll be three of them - your mitt your penis and also baseball bat) Or attempt to work with on another area of the assets. If your deeds are right then you are going to notice her satisfaction level is growing. The longer it gets - the more excited she becomes. Here she is already allowing one to check if she is dressed in undies or not... a little bit longer and she gets into place to get fucked! This nasty cheerleader can reward you for healing her decently!

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