Strip Tetris

Can you reminisce the children's game named Tetris. Yes, it is precisely the game in which you want to place properly falling blocks to evaluate game points. We suggest you an adult version of the game. The rules remain the same, however the prize will be different. So you've got to correctly position the characters that drop in the top to bottom. As briefly as you accumulate the required variety of points you'll be given a reward. It'll be a beautiful and alluring film together with huge-titted chicks. The more points you accumulate, the more depraved pictures you'll be able to see. Use the arrow buttons to budge the blocks around the screen. Love this intriguing and sexy game at this time.

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Inspector J – Episode 1

You act as a police inspector and your job is to research instance about Jeanne who vanished. Chat with Eve and also find some helpful information regarding this collision out. She is the one who'd affair with the boyfriend of Jeanne.

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