sex therapist

The Sex Therapist: A very sexy Specialist

Free-strip-game has new sport for you and it is"The Sex Attorney Episode 1: A hot specialist". So based on game you are married to a beautiful dark-haired called Abi. But not every thing is superb for your duo so that you determine to pay a visit to sexologist Natalia to be able tot ry to rescue your marriage. Ad you have an extremely important meeting today. This game will let you to create the very first-ever pick - well, meeting Abi or... go to the bar to rink up a few beers! There will be a plenty of alternatives such as this one during the game. But be carefull - in case a few choices will cause you to alluring scenes with sexy ladies the others will bring you to match over. In the end you'll observe just how much of the game you've detected and you might even wish to match it with alternative choices! You can also chooze between english and frensh subtitles.

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